An open letter to President Obama.

Dear Mr. President,

I chose Science and Technology as the topic for this message, but really this subject affects so much more. It is vital to almost every aspect of our nation that we proactively act to ensure that we have a free and open (ie; neutral) Internet. The rules which have been proposed by the FCC do not allow for the neutrality required to encourage the innovation that have marked the recent decades of success in America, despite your own promises as a Senator to safeguard such an open Internet.

I respectfully suggest that no amount of watching on a governmental level of this situation is going to prevent the slow encroachment of big businesses over the access of every day Americans and small businesses. This is not a solution.

Instead, as a voter who has twice asked you to take the highest position in this country, I humbly ask you to act, Mr. President. Please ensure that corporations who are interested only in settings themselves up as this century’s robber barons do not get that chance.

You have the opportunity to ensure that the Internet remains Free. Truly free. Please do so. Replace Chairman Wheeler if needs be. Make an Executive Order if you must. But please . . . act.

~Daniel “Ash” Rhodes.


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