You don’t call . . . you don’t write . . . so now you don’t have Netflix.

The pending merger between TimeWarner Cable and Comcast (the two largest cable/broadband internet companies in the country) is causing remarkably little commentary these days. Which is shocking, considering the potential consequences that it can bring about.

Comcast, which is famous for terrible customer service, bad service service, and was amongst the first companies to try to rate limit certain kinds of internet traffic, is looking to spread its shadow even further.

In these days of highly uncertain Net Neutrality, do we really want what effectively becomes a monopoly controlling ALL of your webbynets AND cables?

Here’s a suggestion. Find out who your congress person is: Who’s Asleep in Washington from my State? And send them an email or call them about it. Here’s a copy of what I sent my Congressman:

Congressman Salmon,

I cannot express my concern highly enough over the possibility that Comcast and TimeWarner Cable may soon be allowed to merge. These are the two largest cable and broadband internet providers in the country. Mergers like that should be a relic of a bygone age when oil and rail barons made backroom deals designed to ensure that they could control what prices were paid from coast to coast. A giant corporation such as this does not provide stability or choice for consumers, it only puts back in to place a single megalithic monopoly reminiscent of “Ma Bell,” which took a mandate from the U.S. Justice System to break apart.

Please don’t allow the flow of information, which countries all over the world have started to recognize as a basic human right, to be solely in the hands of a single company. Fight to ensure that there are still free market choices available to consumers!

And in the same vein, please do what you can to help the FCC with their goals towards Net Neutrality. I could bore you with all the reasons why it’s important, but you’re a busy man and I’m sure you’ve got a lot of work to do today! I promise you though, it’s important!

Thanks so much!

~Daniel “Ash” Rhodes.

Will it do any good? Meh, maybe not. But if you don’t try, can you really bitch?